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Year after year Usana Essentials are rated as five stars in each edition of the Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements.

Lyle MacWilliam, author of The Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements (2009), was interviewed by beautydirectory.com – Australia and New Zealand’s essential beauty resource for media.

A former member of Canadian Parliament, Lyle MacWilliam is the author of The Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements, which takes the confusion out of choosing the right vitamins.

All issues of his guide have shown USANA Essentials to be either the best or one of only a few rated as the top 5 vitamin products in the world.

He was interviewed by ‘Beauty Directory’  about why he believes a balanced diet alone just doesn’t cut it anymore, and which vitamins to avoid.

The Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements rates more than 72 vitamin companies and over 200 vitamin products. What sort of criteria was used to determine these ratings?

In his own words Lyle McWilliam says – ‘We have developed a standard that is based on the published recommendations of 12 noted nutrition authorities. Rather than develop our own standard, I felt it was a better approach to review what has already been put forward.

In the interview he states – ‘We arrived at 47 nutrient categories that we feel are desirable in an ideal (and therefore highly rated) nutritional supplement – nutrients that are going to do more than simply provide the basic nutritional foundation. At the appropriate dosages, these nutrients should provide a high measure of protection against a lot of the degenerative diseases that are so prevalent in our modern world, for example, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, or osteoporosis.’

Please email us at perfecthealth@theperfectbusiness.com.au if you wanted a full copy of this interview .

author  Brigitte Hines

We are big fans of eating well. We recently read a book called ‘The China Study’ by T. Colin Campbell. A great read and full of factual and well researched information on diet. The upshot of the book is that we should all minimise animal based protein and maximise plant based foods with at least 70% raw if possible.

Unfortunately this does not always fit into our modern lifestyles unless we are extremely dedicated and disciplined.

Most of us have a lot of subconscious programming around what we buy, how we prepare food and when, how and what we eat. It is not easy to change lifelong habits through reading a book.

We are not saying ‘give up’ just keep educating yourself and striving for the ideal of more plant based foods.

The next problem is where to source these foods. We all know that organic is best but firstly it is expensive and more difficult to attain and secondly while is may be free from pesticides and nasty chemicals is may not have been grown in nutrition rich soils.  If it isn’t in the soil it isn’t in the food!

That is why we need a Plan ‘B’ – USANA Essentials are the best vitamins around in our opinion and an ideal way to ensure your cells are getting all the vitamins, minerals, enzymes and co-factors necessary to maintain good health.

Contact us from this site and we can ensure you are set up quickly and at a wholesale price to benefit from the USANA Vitamins, Essentials or other USANA health products. email us at perfecthealth@theperfectbusiness.com.au

Author:  Brigitte Hines

We have been with Usana Health Sciences in Australia since 1998 and our family have been taking the Usana Essentials and other Usana health products for now over 16 years. Over this time we have been rarely sick and attribute our feeling of vitality to USANA vitamins and wellness products.

Please feel free to contact us at perfecthealth@theperfectbusiness.com.au. We can arrange the best price and give you guidance on where to start to really protect your long term health. We will help youi buy Usana and get started the right way.

Our original site www.perfecthealth.usana.com is still in operation so you can order from either www.perfecthealth.usana.com or www.justperfectvitamins.com.

Arguably the best vitamin supplement in the world – Guaranteed potency, purity and disintegration. Wholesale prices….

Good Health to you.

Author  Brigitte Hines

USANAS Health Products and Vitamins are the Highest Rated in the World – in particular the USANA Essentials Vitamins.

Lyle Macwilliam’s Comparative Guide have consistently rated the USANA Essentials either the highest rating or one of a few who are the highest rated in the US and Australian markets.

They have also been awarded the Nutrisearch Gold Medal of achievment.

Here are 5 Reasons to Trust USANA Products:

1)  Ground breaking nutritional research – extensive scientific operations, worldwide scientific alliances, USANA scientists at the forefront of nutritional science

2)  First Class Ingredients – clinically tested for purity and sourced for the highest quality

3)  Guaranteed Potency – Everything manufactured in house, what is on the label is guaranteed to be in the product.

4)  Highest Quality Manufacturing – Pharmaceutical Grade GMP’s

5)    Confidence of top athletes and thousands of worldwide  repeat customers

6)    Bioavailable – Clinically  formulated to dissolve within 30 minutes to be available to your body cells.

Prove it to yourself and make a decision to try the USANA Health products and vitamins for yourself – Buy Usana in Australia and US and 21 other countries worldwide at www,justperfectvitamins.com .

By Brigitte Hines  13th December 2013

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