Here are the USANA ‘Paraben and Preservative Free’  Skin Care products that we use on a daily basis.


Our face is the most visible part of our skin. Our skin is also the most absorbent organ so it DOES matter what is actually ‘in’ the skin care we choose … 

brigitte sense pic

Brigitte at Age 50
I want to take particular care of my skin. I have used the leading and most expensive brands of skincare and in my opinion SENSE’ is head and shoulders above the rest. It is ‘nutrition for your skin‘ and formulated by a leading health and wellness company not a cosmetic company.I know I am doing the best I can to have healthy skin and slow down the effects of aging.Aside from the from the high potency formulation packed with antioxidants and plant extracts, SENSE’  contains NO nasty chemical preservatives like parabens or formaldehydes with a 2 year shelf life!

We use the ‘Sense Deluxe pack (see above special) with either Perfecting Essence or  Serum Intensive’

USANA Skincare called Sense is based on the concept of being health from the inside out . It does not just cover blemishes but is designed as a ‘food’ for the skin and to work alongside the pharmaceutically potent and pure USANA vitamins and diet foods. Health is far more than just applying makeup to mask a poor diet.
USANA skincare Sense‘Our personal care products contain more active ingredients than any other skin care line we know of ‘ Dr Myron Wentz Founder USANA Health Sciences

USANA skincare – Sensé products focus primarily on the cellular health of the skin and use exclusive technologies creating products that are both effective and safe.

Because USANA Health Sciences is a health and wellness company we knew that any skin care they manufacture would have cellular health as a focus and they would produce a product that was like a beautiful food for our skin and not just something to mask signs of aging – we love these products!

Our patented preservative technology will change skin care as we know it. The cosmetic industry has been trying to discover a way to preserve products without adding parabens or harsh chemicals for years, and by introducing our new self-preserving technology in the Sensé product line, USANA continues to establish itself as the leader in the industry. The Sensé skin-care line has raised the bar for cosmetic companies around the world.”

—Dr. Myron Wentz, Ph.D.,
internationally recognized microbiologist and immunologist and 2007 Einstein Award Winner

‘Based on independent authoritative testing it has been independently  rated USANA® skincare in the top 1% of skincare in the world. Sense is definitely  my secret weapon for younger looking youthful skin.’  Brigitte

PS. Yes Dean does use the USANA skincare as well!