TDean and Brigitte at homehe Secret of Staying Young for Longer……

‘You can trace every sickness, every disease, and every ailment to a nutritional deficiency.’
Dr. Linus Pauling (American Biochemist, Winner of 2 Nobel Prizes)

‘Every year over 97% of your body is completely replaced, even the structure of the DNA in your genes, reconstructed entirely from the nutrients we eat. The quality of those nutrients determines the quality of your renewed cellular structure, the level at which it can function and its resistance to disease.’
Dr Michael Colgan -The New Nutrition 1995 page 78 Apple Publishing Co. Ltd.

We all want to retain the exceptional feeling and look of youth.There are so many people in their 30’s and 40’s who are biologically speaking prematurely old .There are many who are chronologically older but biologically young – how can this be??

Premature aging is linked to high levels of toxicity in the body and nutritional deficiency. Many people are going through a process of accelerated degenerative aging – can you slow this down?

The foundation of a youthful, healthy lifestyle is  a varied diet rich in lean protein, organic fruits and raw vegetables and low in sugar, alcohol and caffeine and other toxins with plenty of purified drinking water, weight bearing and aerobic exercise and at least 8 hours of restful sleep per night

However most people don’t do these things and even those who do try and eat well realise that our food supply lacks the nutritional potency that it used to have. This is due in part to commercial farming and storage techniques and today’s hectic lifestyle. One important solution is to include world class, pharmaceutical grade , advanced broad spectrum nutritional products to your diet.

Without reservation we recommend the USANA Nutritional products for all ages …

“Handle your health priorities and those of your loved ones with care. Good health cannot and must not be taken for granted. It should be guarded,  with utmost security and attention, every day of your life”
 Dr Myron Wentz founder and CEO of USANA Health Sciences and author of  ‘Invisible Miracles’