Boosting your immune system


According to Dr Mercola “there are four time-tested, clinically proven gauges of health that you can use to determine your own level of health. They are:

These four factors are your signs on the highway to optimal wellness. You can use these proven health indicators to monitor your success as you start on the journey to improved health.”

A visit to the doctor and simple blood tests will reveal how you are going in this regard.

We have a fundamental belief  that our bodies have the potential for youthful health but unfortunately we have not followed the manufacturers specifications for long term health, vigor and biological youth.

If we learn how the body works and in particular our incredible immune systems, there is no reason we can’t  live many years beyond present life expectancies with the healthful vigor  of our youth . Aging youthfully is not just about preventing disease, it is about  slowing the rate of ageing to make our so called ‘golden years’  more  desirable.

With preventative maintenance our ‘life vehicle ‘ can run for many extra km relative problem free and without  hitting the potholes along the way.

We  marvel at the punishment most of us  meet out to our bodies, yet it continues to function – for a time – It exists in a fragile balance – negative thoughts, poor nutrition, sedentary life style, exposure to toxins create disharmony and disease.

A strong immune system fortified with chemical free lean meats and whole foods and the absolute best nutritional supplements available is a solid brick in your health foundation.

We believe that the USANA Essentials, Biomega and Probiotic are great immune boosting supplements.