Here are the USANA diet and Energy foods that we have on a daily basis :




We absolutely love the Nutrimeal as a Meal replacement or a great Pre Workout shake before Gym, Just the right balance of carbs and protein. 15 grams of Protein and a Low GI of 25 to help reduce carbohydrate cravings and deliver sustained energy throughout the day

Fibergy TM Plus

A natural source of dietary fibre for digestive and bowel health containing 12 grams of soluble and insoluble fibre in each serving. (4 grams of psyllium and 3 grams of inulin and is formulated without gluten, dairy and soy)


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There are many keys to good health – good quality sleep, how we deal with stress, aerobic and muscle building exercise, the right amount and quality of water, advanced levels of micro nutrition to combat oxidative stress and importantly the type, quantity and quality of food in our diet. The ‘macronutrients’ side of the equation consists of our proteins, carbohydrates (good and bad) and fats (good and bad) intake. Insulin resistance, carbohydrate addiction, weight gain, obesity, diabetes and eventually either heart disease and/or cancer as a result are massive problems today. We eat a balanced combination of raw and cooked foods, plenty of juices and always try to source fresh and organic or spray free fruits and vegetables. Any eggs or meats are always free range or organic. 

Did you know that our arteries go into spasm for 3 – 4 hours after a high GI (Glycemic Index) meal? We need to get this part of the equation right!

The Reset Program has been amazing in this regard……..


LOSE THE CRAVINGS -Break free from carbohydrate addiction and discover the power of low glycemic foods 

LOSE THE KILO’S – Jumpstart a healthy new lifestyle. Reset your body chemistry to achieve weight loss

DISCOVER – The lean, energetic person inside

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