My StoryBrigitte Usana Story

By Brigitte


Little did I realise that a chance phone call to Dean back in 1998 from a work colleague regarding a new product that might help me with my debilitating chronic fatigue condition  would set in place a chain of events that has lead us to discover the USANA products (especially the Usana Essentials vitamins)®®®and take on a magnificent journey that has changed our life in so many ways…

At that time I was a stay at home Mum with a 4 year old son. A work colleague of Dean’s called him  and suggested that I trial the USANA Essentials, my experience was that felt like I had been ‘plugged in and switched on’, you know like the lead had been pulled out for years!

You have no idea how excited I was to  find something that really made a difference to the way I felt. Whatever else you do to be fit and healthy the absolute foundation of all your nutritional habits has to be taking the ‘Essentials’ manufactured by USANA Health Sciences. The four of us in the family  have taken these for over 16 years now and would never miss a day, they are what they say – ESSENTIAL!

So you are probably saying, “I have heard this all before, why are these products so great?’ The simple answer is that USANA has the recipe right. They are a 20 year old company with an highly skilled and professional team of scientists backing up their product formulations with the latest cutting edge research.

As a gourmet cook, I know that the difference between a delicious meal and an ordinary meal can be very subtle but usually relates to ingredients used and the skill in putting them together. The Essentials consist of two bottles – Mega Antioxidants and MultiMinerals.  There are 112 tablets in each bottle or 224 tablets in total ( 1 months supply). They are a comprehensive , science based formulation of high potency vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and other important nutrients designed for everyday use. They have been independently rated in the ‘Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements as the Number 1 product in the world and have been featured on the media and have many other accolades. They are pharmaceutical quality, potency guaranteed and completely bio available (absorbed by the cell).

Your health and vitality affect your enjoyment of this precious life we have been given –  Don’t sell your health to the lowest bidder!

As DR Myron Wentz,the founder of USANA Health Sciences says in his book ‘Invisible Miracles’ –

Handle your health priorities and those of your loved ones with care. Good health cannot and must not be taken for granted. It should be guarded,  with utmost security and attention, every day of your life”