USANAS Health Products and Vitamins are the Highest Rated in the World – in particular the USANA Essentials Vitamins.

Lyle Macwilliam’s Comparative Guide have consistently rated the USANA Essentials either the highest rating or one of a few who are the highest rated in the US and Australian markets.

They have also been awarded the Nutrisearch Gold Medal of achievment.

Here are 5 Reasons to Trust USANA Products:

1)  Ground breaking nutritional research – extensive scientific operations, worldwide scientific alliances, USANA scientists at the forefront of nutritional science

2)  First Class Ingredients – clinically tested for purity and sourced for the highest quality

3)  Guaranteed Potency – Everything manufactured in house, what is on the label is guaranteed to be in the product.

4)  Highest Quality Manufacturing – Pharmaceutical Grade GMP’s

5)    Confidence of top athletes and thousands of worldwide  repeat customers

6)    Bioavailable – Clinically  formulated to dissolve within 30 minutes to be available to your body cells.

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By Brigitte Hines  13th December 2013